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NSGC is an authorized provider of continuing education for genetic counselors. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) earned through NSGC-approved educational opportunities will be accepted by the American Board of Genetic Counseling for purposes of Genetic Counselor recertification.

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What's the Difference Between Category 1 and Category 2 CEUs?

Category 1 CEUs...

  • Are applied for by activity organizers before the activity occurs.
  • Require pre-approval from NSGC and cannot be approved retroactively. 
  • Are NOT reported by individual attendees directly to NSGC. Activity organizers submit claims and earner reports on behalf of attendees.
  • Category 1 CEUs should make up at least 60% of a genetic counselor's recertification credits. 
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Category 2 CEUs...

  • Are applied for on an individual basis by genetic counselors.
  • Are applied for AFTER attending an event that was not Category 1 approved. Quarterly applications required for series activities.
  • Are valid only for activities that have been pre-approved by a reputable accreditation body or CEU provider (not NSGC). 
  • Can make up 40% or less of a genetic counselor's recertification credits. 
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How Do I Get Category 1 CEUs?

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