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Code of Ethics

NSGC is an organization that furthers the professional interests of genetic counselors, promotes a network for communication within the profession, and deals with issues relevant to human genetics. With the establishment of this Code of Ethics, the NSGC affirms the ethical responsibilities of its members and provides them with guidance in their relationships with self, clients, colleagues, and society. 

Read more about our Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest Policies or request an Ethics Consultation.

State Licensure

NSGC's Government Relations (GR) team works in conjunction with NSGC's Licensure Subcommittee to provide support and strategic guidance for genetic counselor state licensure efforts.  Examples of available support include licensure grants, education, strategic planning, resource documents, and one-on-one consultation with NSGC's Director of Policy and Government Relations, John Richardson: jrichardson@nsgc.org.

To read about our guiding principles and access licensure information go to your State Licensure resources.

Federal Advocacy

NSGC's federal advocacy efforts focus on improving access to quality genetic counseling services and ensuring the genetic counseling profession is a recognized and integral part of the healthcare system.  For more information about NSGC's federal efforts, visit our Federal Advocacy resources.

Position Statements

NSGC Position Statements reflect concrete applications of the Society's Code of Ethics and other official documents. Adoption requires majority vote by the NSGC Board of Directors.

Journal of Genetic Counseling

The Journal of Genetic Counseling (JOGC) is the official journal of the National Society of Genetic Counselors. It is widely read both nationally and internationally by practitioners, researchers, instructors, and students. Access Now

Cultural Competency

Incorporating diversity and cultural competence into genetic counseling is an important component of helping genetic counselors serve their patients more effectively. Research shows that people often feel more comfortable and are more trusting of health care providers who look like them or share/are more aware of their cultural values and norms. Learn more about Cultural Competency within NSGC

Workforce Initiatives 

NSGC is working with the other major genetic counseling organizations to identify barriers to growth of the genetic counselor workforce and develop strategies to remove or overcome those barriers. Learn more about the status of the genetic counselor workforce..

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